Stolen Notes

While the theft of National Bank Notes (NBN) is not a common occurrence, it is important for the community of collectors and dealers of NBN to have access to information highlighting stolen notes.

This page, located in the non-members area of, is available as a public resource to track NBN reported as stolen. For members, any notes reported as stolen will appear in a census search highlighted in red. For both members and non-members, we are developing a comment feature that will provide you with contact information should you come in contact with notes reported as stolen.

Reporting a Stolen NBN

There are two processes by which a NBN can be flagged on as stolen: 1) NCIC Report (preferred) and 2) Self-Report.

The Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC) is a non-profit organization founded to coordinate investigative initiatives between the numismatic community and local law enforcement agencies. It is easy to file a report by using the report form on the NCIC website.

In order to have your stolen notes listed on, the NCIC report must contain the following information for each NBN:
  1. State (specify if Territory)
  2. City
  3. Charter Number
  4. Type
  5. Denomination
  6. Bank Serial
  7. Plate Letter
  8. Treasury Serial
Not everyone has images of all their notes, but if you have an image of the stolen NBN, please include it.

Once NCIC has received your report, a copy of the relevant information will be forwarded to to list the notes as stolen. If you choose not to go through the NCIC reporting process, you will not be able to benefit from their services.

Self-Report directly to requires the following: 1) the eight NBN identifiers listed above for each note, 2) an image (optional), 3) a scanned copy of a police or insurance report specifically identifying the NBN stolen or lost, and 4) a scan of one piece of government-issued photo identification (e.g., Drivers License, Passport, Military ID). Your personal information remains strictly confidential. Send the information to

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