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01/13/2014 04:03:35 PM
Well, I know this place isn't ventured often currently, but I'm throwing this in here vs. over at the PCGS forum.

As most here know, finding specific national bank notes can be a real challenge, and sometimes the best way to find out about notes that you are trying to obtain is cast your net as wide as possible.

I also know that collecting secretly is a key to obtaining the notes you want at a potentially reduced cost at auction.

Anyway, I'd be curious to see if other people (assuming anyone every reads this) would want to discuss trying to create an offline list with each other of notes that they are looking for.

Someone may find a note at a dealer, or even at an auction that the other person may not be aware of, or simply even overlooked! (For instance, I just saw a note at the FUN auction that I had overlooked...).

Anyway, if anyone is every interested in "sharing wantlists", I would gladly look out for other people's notes and if I ever stumbled across one, would be happy to let them know of its availability...

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