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An Introduction
On Wednesday, June 20th, 2012, I visited the Wells Fargo Corporate Archive in San Francisco to view their currency holdings. It quickly became apparent that their holdings consisted of the currency collections, archives, and some notes redeemed for face value from several banks acquired by Wells Fargo. While not over-whelming in size, I chose to focus on National Bank Notes during this initial visit.

I scanned all the NBN (except for a pack of small size notes) and have found that some have been reported (those from the First National Bank of Denver archive) while the majority have not. As the images are edited, I will post them to this section.

All images in this section are Courtesy of the Wells Fargo Corporate Archive. The reproduction of any images in this thread for electronic, print, or any other public media must be accompanied with the citation "Image courtesy of the Wells Fargo Corporate Archive."

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