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Territory of Alaska Series 1882 Brown Back
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The First National Bank of Juneau, Territory of Alaska (5117)
Series of 1882 Brown Back Plate Proof. Every State or Territory that issued 1882 Brown Backs has at least one example reported, except Alaska. Three banks in Alaska issued national currency. Fairbanks and Juneau issued a mixture of large and small size while Ketchikan issued only small. The earliest NBN known from Alaska is a lone Series of 1882 Date Back.
The First National Bank of Juneau issued 770 sheets of 10-10-10-20 1882 Brown Backs. Do you think there's one out there?


aka Godot
04/03/2012 08:41:54 PM
Much scarcer notes have been found and much more common notes have not been found. Due to the fact that national bank notes have only been collectible for a generation and a half, and they have only really been valuable for less time than that, I think in 100 year all the great classic rarities will be discovered.
04/10/2012 06:44:45 PM
I tried to get my scanner to work to send you all a real image of this note but I can't,it would make too many of my friends sick if I did. Wow that is what I am talking about!

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